Apartment Complex Parking Lot Management

We specialize in Apartment Complex Vehicle Parking Management.

Q.Do you have to much hassle with your current towing company's services?
    A. We know here at Euro Star Wreckers that being an apartment complex manager is stressful 
        enough, so we provide a hassle free enviorment. We have a friendly staff as well work 
        around your needs.

We work around your schedule!

Euro Star Wreckers provide Restriping Services, for those that are not up to date with their Parking Lot.

Give us a call to set up an appointment, we can also send a professional to your office to Brief  of our services. 

Euro Star has many useful tools to assist you in better managing your parking lot needs and issues

Parking Management

The following services and options are available:
  • View Violation Pictures & Videos
  •  Rapid Response to ALL Types of Tows
  •  Manage Your Property(s) Towing Policies
  • Request Only Services
  • Change Property Contact Information
  • Residents Parking Permits 
  • Resident letters for any changes
  • Streamline Permit & Assigned Parking
  • Signs and Installation 
  • Receive & Review Towing Info Instantly
  • Order "No-Tows" Instantly
  • Strategic Parking Lot Enforcement Planning
  • 24/7 Call Centers and Response
  •  Instant Tow Truck Dispatch Service
  •  Request Services Online
  •  State of Texas Document Downloads
  • Training for All Property Employees &  
  • Download Letters and Notification    
  • Parking lot restriping
  • Pothole Refilling
  • Vehicle Registration Information
And So Much More!